Nous sommes fermé jusqu'au 29 mars 2024
We are closed until 29th March 2023


What a few months we have had in the UK being locked down since we arrived in December.

I was recovering from my hip replacement and doing very nicely thank you. Back up to walking 7 or 8 miles and secured a temporary job to start on the 15th Feb. Mr H had gone back to his usual temporary role supporting adults with learning difficulties. Suddenly on valentines day it all changed I fell down the stairs carrying a pile of washing and broke my right ankle. I couldnt start the job. and had at least 6 weeks wearing an orthapedic boot, unable to drive or do much really. It was miserable and it hurt.

We were supposed to open the campsite at easter but it became apparent that I would not be able to do that so we postponed the opening till the 1st May. Now that is all in jeopardy and I have put the opening back to the 7th May which under France's lock down is the earliest it will open. We are travelling on the 21st April . What a strange time its been . We have not seen any english family and friends, usually our winters are whirl of social events catching up with everyone. This is the longest period in my life that I have not worked I only had 16 week maternity leave for each of the kids!! So its been weird. I feel very fortunate that we have not been affected by covid in our household but I know many that have and are still struggling with the effects of loosing love ones and long covid so my grumbling pales into insignificance. We are lucky that because of Mr H work he has had both vaccinations. I have had my first and am trying to see if I can get my second before I go . If not I will have to try and see if I can get in in France.

So as is everyone we are looking forward to lock down easing and have booked a table at a pub the minute they open on Monday. I have a hair appointment on Tuesday and we are rushing around saying hello and goodbye to people.

We have just over a week now till we leave and even though I have been not that busy we are still having to rush round at the last minute organising and packing. What have you been doing with yourself then I hear you ask.

I have been writing a book !!! Escape to the campsite my memoir. Its about half way through now so I guess I will finish it next winter. Hopefully this summer will provide me with some more inspiration. I cant wait to get there and get stuck in. Someone sent me a photo the other day. All the hundreds of bulbs I planted in anticipation of an easter opening have flowered and I wasnt there to see them. Well there is always next year!!

See you all soon.

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